Waiting for the Sissy Killer
Feature Film, Non-Union Posted: 12/4/2019

Union Status Non-Union
Rate $500/Flat
Submissions Due By 1/15/2020
Production Company Akintunde Productions
Audition Dates 1/31/2020
Audition Location 
Los Angeles
Based on the best-selling novel, "Waiting for the Sissy Killer" by Omowale Akintunde, the film explores the complex machinations of being Black, gay, and poor and the resulting fractured psyche of its central character, Jamaal


JAMAL / Non-Union / Principal / Male / African American / 18-28
An exploration of the psyche of its central character, Jamaal, as he struggles with the intersectionality of being black, gay, and poor and the impact of these phenomena on his fractured humanity. He deals with his issues through internal monologues which become increasingly difficult for him to separate from his external reality‚Č•
Rate: $500/flat
Role Added 12/4/2019 11:51 AM
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JAMAAL (AGE 5) / Non-Union / Featured / Male / African American / 5-10
Portrays the central character as a child. The actor should be comfortable with dancing and approximately 2 pages of dialogue. The location is in the characters home apartment with his mother. The location is also the characters house on location. The actor is not required to do anything even slightly inappropriate for a child in this age range.
Rate: $500/flat
Role Added 12/4/2019 3:18 PM