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Role Project Name Shoot Date Type Rate Union Posted/ Modified
Iggy Azalea Type NeededUntitled Major Music Video3/31/2015Music Video$250/0SAG-AFTRA3/28/2015
Special / Female / Caucasian, Mixed / 18 - 30 /
Taller then 5'9" full body vixen needed for major music video.
Hair Test ModelGood Humor4/3/2015 THRU 4/6/2015 Theatrical400.00/0Union/Non-Union3/28/2015
Special / Female / Caucasian, Hispanic, Mixed / 18 - 35 /
Seeking female with incredibly thick dark brown hair. Hair should be natural meaning never having been dyed. Talent must be willing to let us do a hair test that involves cutting the hair. Shaving the head in a pattern on one side and colouring parts of the hair purple. We cannot fix your hair back when we are done. Will consider both Union and non union talent.
standin for John HawkesDr. Del4/14/2015 THRU 5/4/2015 Theatrical$171/8 SAG/0SAG-AFTRA3/27/2015
Stand-in / Male / Caucasian / 30 - 50 /
a caucasian male standin for the actor John Hawkes; you must be a very experienced standin!!! John Hawkes is 5'10 and VERY thin, medium brown hair and blue eyes. The locations are not super local so you must be willing to drive to locations such as Piru, Acton, Agua Dulce.
Caucasian male with khaki pants $72/8Dispatch3/28/2015 THRU 3/29/2015 Theatrical72/8Non-Union3/27/2015
Background / Male / Caucasian / 30 - 40 /
Looking for a Caucasian male 30s-40s available tomorrow. Needs to have upscale business attire and khaki pants. Works tomorrow Saturday with a probable recall Sunday.
NON UNION BMX RIDER NEEDEDBMX3/28/2015Commercial200/12Non-Union3/27/2015
Background / Male / All Ethnicities / 18 - 30 /
Upscale with high end business wardrobe Female okay Simi ValleyProdigal Daughter3/28/2015Theatrical152/8SAG-AFTRA3/27/2015
Background / Female / Caucasian / 20 - 35 /
Looking for a Caucasian female with upscale business suits available tomorrow for Simi Valley. 20-35 years old new to Prodigal Daughter.
Male Stripper/GoGo BoyOne day Projects/Live Events / Promotional 3/29/2015Other100.00/5No Union Affiliation3/27/2015
Special / Male / All Ethnicities / 18 - 30 /
Hello - Small independent short film. Looking for a really well built, male dancer, to dance in the scene. Great Body, will need to be ok with dancing in speedo or skimpy shorts works 11 to 4 p.m. Pay is $100.00 Cash
Asian girls 11 to 14 years oldThe History of...4/6/2015 THRU 4/10/2015 Theatrical152.00/8Union/Non-Union3/27/2015
Background / Female / Asian / 10 - 15 /
Asian Middle School girls who wants to join a band. Should be outgoing and fun. thanks!
Non Union to work Monday. "With Bob and David" untitled project3/30/2015Theatrical72.00/8Non-Union3/27/2015
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 79 /
Hello all. This is a non union Netflicks comedy - Pays 72/8. Works Monday. Please only post if you are NON UNION and Can work Monday. I have to submit photos. Works early in LA Monday thanks Rich
Friends to work Monday (Non Union)untitled project3/30/2015Theatrical72.00/8Non-Union3/26/2015
Background / Male / All Ethnicities / 20 - 35 /
Non Union Guys to work as Friend 20 to 35 yrs. just guys guys thanks
Eskimo Men or Womenuntitled project3/30/2015TheatricalUnion/Non-Union3/26/2015
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 22 - 60 /
Looking for men and women to look like Eskimos. Works monday
American Indian for Mondayuntitled project3/30/2015TheatricalUnion/Non-Union3/26/2015
Background / Male / Am-Indian, Hispanic, Mixed / 20 - 50 /
Looking for guys who look American Indian long hair is a plus thanks
Hasidic Jewish men - Comedy Union with Breadsuntitled project3/30/2015Theatrical152/8Union/Non-Union3/26/2015
Background / Male / Caucasian / 40 - 65 /
Looking for guys who can play Hasidic Jews. Must have the long beard and would be great if you had the clothing. This is a comedy called With Bob and David - must be ok with Politically incorrect, maybe even in bad taste all in the name of laughter. Thanks Guys
15-16 year olds OK Simi ValleyProdigal Daughter3/27/2015 THRU 4/16/2015 Theatrical152/8SAG-AFTRA3/26/2015
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 15 - 16 /
Looking for males and females 15-16 years old available tomorrow and possible recall on April 15th and 16th.
Attractive caucaisan male 18-25 around 5'8" - OK Simi; Moore ParkProdigal Daughter4/8/2015 THRU 4/14/2015 Theatrical152/8SAG-AFTRA3/26/2015
Background / Male / Caucasian / 18 - 25 /
Must be available 4/8-4/10 and 4/14. OK Simi Valley and Moore Park area.
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