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Role Project Name Shoot Date Type Rate Union Posted/ Modified
18tly, Caucasian guys, who have wrestling experienceFirst Love12/20/2017Theatrical96/8Non-Union12/15/2017
Background / Male / Caucasian / 18 - 25 /
18tly Caucasian males, who have experience with wrestling. Specially looking for Greco-roman style. Must be OK to be shirtless in locker room scene. Shoot is 12/20.
Sag New Media ProjectSag New Media Project-$175/12hrs12/20/2017Other$175/12SAG-AFTRA12/15/2017
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 35 /
Looking for hipsters ages 18-35 on 12/20. Rate is $175/12hrs.
SEE SIZES!!! 5'4 to 5'6 African American Photo Doubles works Monday Dec18Hit The Floor12/18/2017TheatricalUnion/Non-Union12/15/2017
Photo double / Female / AfricanAm / 18 - 40 /
Hello Everyone, Looking for photo doubles available to work THIS Monday on Hit the Floor. Please list the following sizes below within your submission. Weight: Shirt Size: Bust: Waist: Thank you.
Union Older Union Man to Photo Double Actor in Car - Simi Valley on Monday Dec 18thBASKETS - season 312/18/2017Theatrical194/8/012/15/2017
Photo double / Male / AfricanAm / 50 - 80 /
Hey Guys. We are looking for a Union Photo Double for one of our Actors who is available to work on Monday Dec 18th in Simi Valley. The rate is 194/8. You would be a passenger in a car, The actor is 6'2" and has salt and pepper or Gray Hair. They are willing to consider someone shorter, since you would be sitting in a car. Please submit if you are available and up for working in Sim on Monday. Thanks
RUSH CALL 5'10 or taller men willing to show their rear endHit The Floor12/15/2017TheatricalUnion/Non-Union12/15/2017
Background / Male / Caucasian / 18 - 30 /
Hello Everyone, We are looking for men that have an athletic build to portray Basketball Players in a locker room scene. Must be okay working around other men who will be nude. Your rear end will be shown, NO FULL FRONTAL NUDITY. Rate is 200/8 hours works in Van Nuys with a call time of 1:30 pm. No tattoos please and please send shirtless photos to rjcastingrk [at] gmail [dot] com. Please let me know if you can do this. Thank you.
70 + year old Sauna Man sitting in towel (works 2/9)OA Part II2/9/2018TheatricalUnion/Non-Union12/15/2017
Background / Male / Caucasian / 70 - 99 /
70 plus man in Sauna wearing only a towel. This guy should look as if he has been sitting in the sauna for years. thanks
Real Sketch Artists (works 1/26)OA Part II1/26/2018TheatricalUnion/Non-Union12/15/2017
Special / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 25 - 60 /
Looking for a real Sketch Artist - would need to sketch on camera - the real deal. Much like a police sketch artist. Higher rate but you really have to know how to do this well. Thanks Rich
Bouncer with Neck Tattoos (starts 1/24)OA Part II1/24/2018TheatricalUnion/Non-Union12/15/2017
Background / Male / All Ethnicities / 21 - 60 /
Looking for a bouncer type with neck tattoos please send a photo with the tattoo. thanks Rich
Mental Health home (starts 1//19)OA Part II1/19/2018 THRU 1/20/2018 TheatricalUnion/Non-Union12/15/2017
Background / Male or Female / Caucasian / 33 - 66 /
This is a Private Mental health home looking for Caucasian only, 33 to 66 yrs. Will work a few different days but starts on the 19th. You are lock in and on meds something is off with you guys. thanks Rich
Ruskin's Body Guards, 1 big guy, 1 Asian Martial arts (works 1/17)OA Part II1/17/2018TheatricalUnion/Non-Union12/15/2017
Background / Male / AfricanAm, Asian, Caucasian, PacificIsland / 28 - 55 /
Looking for a couple Body guard types. 1 is a Bigger Guy and the other is a Martial Arts looking Asian guy Union or Non union is good. Thanks Rich
EMT real please list experience (1/16 and 1/22)OA Part II1/16/2018 THRU 1/26/2018 TheatricalUnion/Non-Union12/15/2017
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 27 - 55 /
Looking for real EMT's to work Jan 16 and again in Jan 22. Union or Non Union is good. Please post your experience. thanks and Happy Holidays Rich
NBC New TV Show!NBC Show12/18/2017 THRU 12/21/2017 TheatricalSAG-AFTRA12/14/2017
Background / Male or Female / East-Ind / 16 - 21 /
Looking for East Indian looking kids aged 16-21 to portray High School students. Minors will need valid work permits. Fitting on 12/18 to work Tuesday 12/19, Wednesday 12/20 and Thursday 12/21.
Union and non union hispanic people for Monday on VidaVida12/18/2017TheatricalUnion/Non-Union12/14/2017
Background / Male or Female / Hispanic / 18 - 99 /
We are looking for people who are new to Vida to work on Monday. Union and non-union. Rate for non-union is 96/8. Must have never worked on Vida and must be available all day. Thanks!
Pool Party Scene Monday Dec 18 Evening ShootHit The Floor12/18/2017TheatricalUnion/Non-Union12/14/2017
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 35 /
Hello Everyone, We are to cast background artists for a pool party scene that is happening this Monday, Dec 18 in the Encino area. Must be comfortable working in swimwear for a partial night shoot. Rate is $166/8 Union and $96/8 non union. Should be willing to get in the pool. No bumps will be provided. Thank you everyone.
Caucasian female with Light Brown Hair around 5'5 $250/12Print Stand Ins C39212/16/2017 THRU 12/17/2017 Print250/12No Union Affiliation12/14/2017
Stand-in / Female / Caucasian / 18 - 32 /
Caucasian female around 5'5 with light brown hair. 20s to early 30s. Must be available both Saturday and Sunday. $250/12
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