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Role Project Name Shoot Date Type Rate Union Posted/ Modified
Hot ModelWe Are Your Friends9/17/2014Theatrical250/8SAG9/16/2014
Background / Female / Am-Indian, Asian, Hispanic, MidEastern, Mixed / 20 - 30 /
Looking for very attractive model, exotic type. Works tomorrow, downtown. Higher rate of $250 for 8 hours.
18 to look younger females that can actually play softball-N/U $72/8-for Mon. 9/29 in Fillmore IYP 9/29/2014Theatrical$72/8/0Non-Union9/16/2014
Background / Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 24 /
We need 18 to look younger ladies that can play softball. We ladies that can actually play softball well. The look is a small town in Texas. So average, girl next door type looks. This will work in Fillmore and the rate is $72/8. In the submission notes please put your experience with softball.
Cholos types to work Wednesday Non Union We Are Your Friends9/17/2014Theatrical72.00/8Non-Union9/16/2014
Background / Male / Hispanic / 18 - 32 /
Looking for Cholos types to work tomorrow, works in Hollywood. Club scene
Photo double / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 30 - 55 /
Extras ages 30-55 for sag promo. Rate is $97/8hrs. Shoots Thursday
Photo Double - Female 5'10 or taller with light brown (with highlights) hair - for Wednesday 9-17Battle Creek 9/17/2014Theatrical$157/8/0Union/Non-Union9/16/2014
Photo double / Female / Caucasian / 30 - 55 /
Hi Ladies... we are looking for a photo double for Janet McTeer - ideally we need a woman who is 5'10 or taller - dress size a 12 or close to that! She has light brown (with highlights) shoulder length hair. Please look her up before submitting. This will work on Wednesday 9-17 in Manhattan Beach. We will accept union or non union submissions - just need to find the right match. Thanks!
Pretty Japanese girls in 20s to work TuesdayWe Are Your Friends9/15/2014TheatricalUnion/Non-Union9/16/2014
Background / Female / Asian / 18 - 28 /
To work on Tuesday in Hollywood. UNion or Non Union pretty Japanese girls. Night club scene. Thanks
Non Union Club-goers for TomorrowWe Are Your Friends9/15/2014Theatrical72/8Non-Union9/16/2014
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 20 - 40 /
Looking for NON UNION club-goers to work tomorrow, Tuesday, September 16. Noon-ish call time, works in Hollywood. Thank you!
US Military types Ok San Pedro $72/8Kolossus9/16/2014 THRU 9/18/2014 Theatrical72/8Non-Union9/16/2014
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 35 /
Looking for Males and females available for San Pedro. Working one day Tuesday to Thursday. $72/8
Caucasian Female with Light Brown Hair Photo Double Height around 6'1"-AFTRA $167/8-for Wed. 9/17Battle Creek 9/17/2014Theatrical$167/8/0AFTRA9/15/2014
Photo double / Female / Caucasian / 25 - 60 /
We are looking for a Caucasian woman to be a photo double. We need someone that is around the following sizes: Height: 6' 1 1/2", Weight: 164, Dress: 12, Bust: 36D, Shoe: 9 1/2-10. Must be able to fit these sizes. Rate is $167/8. Must be paid up AFTRA in good standing to submit.
5'1" Caucasian Female w/Dark Hair-AFTRA $173/8-READ NOTES!! Another Period 9/16/2014Theatrical$173/8/0SAG9/15/2014
Stand-in / Female / Caucasian / 18 - 50 /
We need a female stand in for one of our leads. We need a Caucasian female with dark brown hair that is around 5'1" and is very slight in build. This will start working tomorrow and will shoot Monday through Friday until the 7th of November. Must have complete availability for the shoot. Must be paid up AFTRA in good standing to submit. Rate is $173/8.
General African American 3 Day Call BGUntitled Major Studio Motion Picture9/16/2014 THRU 9/23/2014 TheatricalUnion/Non-Union9/15/2014
Background / Male or Female / AfricanAm / 18 - 60 /
ModelsDown Dog10/9/2014TheatricalSAG9/14/2014
Special / Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 40 /
For various scenes, we are seeking women that look like affluent beautiful model types. Rate and actual work dates are tbd.
Gorgeous Female Yoga StudentsDown Dog10/2/2014 THRU 10/10/2014 Theatrical134.00/8SAG9/14/2014
Special / Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 38 /
Must have a high level of skills and knowledge about yoga. Must be able to repeat yoga class scenes. Possibly multiple days.
Cute Rollerblading girlsDown Dog10/2/2014Theatrical134.00/8SAG9/14/2014
Special / Female / All Ethnicities / 21 - 30 /
Beautiful girls with their own rollerblades that can skate wee. Model types.
Seeking females with Red HairDown Dog10/7/2014TheatricalSAG9/14/2014
Special / Female / Caucasian / 20 - 35 /
Seeking both beautiful and not so beautiful red headed ladies. Rate is tbd. Very featured funny bit.
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