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Role Project Name Shoot Date Type Rate Union Posted/ Modified
PRINCIPAL-- Male Clown Rappers-- Butt Nudity Required HOH11/29/2016Theatrical125/8SAG-AFTRA10/18/2016
Special / Male / Caucasian / 21 - 40 /
Read Carefully! Seeking Caucasian males to play Clown Rappers. Both your posterior and face will be in clown make up in this comedic scene. Audition dates TBD. Producer/Director is well known around Hollywood. You will have lines and may be improving as well as this is a comedic scene.
Rodeo Audience Members (Filming in Pico Rivera)Baskets10/19/2016Theatrical84/8Non-Union10/18/2016
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 70 /
Looking for non union folks to work in Pico Rivera tomorrow. Must be available to work all day and have not worked on BASKETS before. Please list in the notes section if you have western or country style wardrobe. Thank you!
Union 18 TPY's Guys Spray Painting Grafitti on a Wall- Monday Oct 24thCRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND10/24/2016Theatrical137/8 + Wardrobe Adj/010/18/2016
Background / Male / All Ethnicities / 18 - 21 /
Hi Guys. We are looking for a few featured guys to be Spray painting a wall in a scene next to our actors. The script says "Kids" so we are looking for 18 TPY guys who could pass for kids. This should be a fun featured bit, so they are asking for guys who have any experience Tagging or Spray Painting. Please list any experience in the notes section and confirm that you are available to work on Monday Oct 24th. Thanks
Piano Player Home Again11/16/2016 THRU 11/17/2016 TheatricalUnion/Non-Union10/18/2016
Special / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 30 - 60 /
Real Piano Player to be a School Teacher playing piano in a play. Need to know how to play piano. Will work 16th and 17th. thanks
SAG Underground Fight Club TypesSAG Underground Fight Club Types for Tues. 10/2510/25/2016Commercial$366.37/8SAG-AFTRA10/17/2016
Background / Male / All Ethnicities / 30 - 50 /
Looking for SAG Underground Fight Club types for next Tues. 10/25. Looking for a charactery look, like a underground fighter or "sleezy" gangster. Shoots next Tues. 10/25. Please submit with SAG ID No.
Male to Female Transgender Person for Tuesday 10-18 (Union / Calabasas Area) - See notes Bajillion Dollar Properties 10/18/2016Theatrical$150/8 SAG NEW MEDIA CONTRACT /0SAG-AFTRA10/17/2016
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 25 - 45 /
Hi Everyone... we are looking for a MALE TO FEMALE Trans person to work on Tuesday with us in the Calabasas/Malibu area. We need someone who is any ethnicity, ages 25-45. The Scene is - Our trans person should know that the joke is that he was such a terrible boyfriend - she finally saw the light and began transitioning. It's a streaming series based off of a well known show (this is the spoof version). If you are interested - paid up union member - RATE IS $150/8, please submit photo now, with a little note about what stage of your transition you are in please! Thank you!
PHYSICALLY FIT MEN TO WEAR SPANDEX, WORKS WED 10/19Baskets10/19/2016TheatricalUnion/Non-Union10/17/2016
Background / Male / Caucasian / 30 - 60 /
Hello, we are looking for physically fit to stocky men to play the role of a "Show Dad." YOU MUST BE 5'6 to 5'9 with a 44 coat, waist 34-36 and you will work in Pico Rivera. PLEASE LIST YOUR SIZES IN THE NOTES SECTIONS OF YOUR SUBMISSION. Thank you.
Good Bodies Males and Females in Swimsuit OK Malibu $150/8Sunglasses10/26/2016Commercial150/8Non-Union10/17/2016
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 28 /
Looking for attractive males and females 18-28 with good bodies. This is for a pool party scene, and you should be comfortable in a bathing suit. Day call in Malibu rate is $150/8.
LOOKING FOR BLONDE DOUBLE WITH SPECIFIC MEASUREMENTS Home Again10/18/2016TheatricalUnion/Non-Union10/17/2016
Background / Female / Caucasian / 18 - 50 /
Hello Everyone, we are looking for a blonde female to double for an actress that is 5'1", 34 bust, 26 waist and 34 hip size. YOU MUST BE CLOSE TO THESE SIZES TO BE CONSIDERED. The start date is either tomorrow or sometime this week, PLEASE LIST YOUR AVAILABILITY AND SIZES IN THE NOTES SECTION.
Hip/Sexy SAG Latin Bartender in 20-30sHip/Sexy SAG Latin Bartender in 20-30s11/7/2016Theatrical$162/8SAG-AFTRA10/17/2016
Background / Male or Female / Hispanic / 20 - 40 /
Looking for Hip & Sexy SAG Latin Bartenders in their 20-30's for Mon. 11/7 for $162/8 for an A list feature film. Please submit with your SAG ID No. and your bartending skill level and experience.
Iranian / Israel Moving Men Home Again10/25/2016TheatricalUnion/Non-Union10/17/2016
Background / Male / MidEastern, Mixed / 24 - 45 /
Moving men able to lift boxes (not heavy) looking for Iranian / Israeli men 24 to 45 Works on the 25th
Hip/Sexy SAG Extras in 20-30's M 11/7 & 11/8Hip/Sexy SAG Extras in 20'-30's M 11/7 & T 11/811/7/2016 THRU 11/8/2016 Theatrical$162/8SAG-AFTRA10/17/2016
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 20 - 40 /
Looking for Hip & Sexy SAG Extras in their 20's and 30's for Mon. 11/7 and Tues. 11/8 at the rate of $162/8 for a feature film. Please submit with your SAG ID No. and whether you have any experience as a wait staff, host, or bartender.
SAG Bald or Balding Male in his 30'sSAG Bald or Balding Male in his 30's11/7/2016Theatrical$162/8SAG-AFTRA10/17/2016
Background / Male / All Ethnicities / 30 - 40 /
Looking for a SAG Bald or Balding Male in his 30's, of all ethnicities, for a feature film that shoots on Mon. 11/7. Please submit with your SAG ID No.
NU Salsa Dancers for Feature Film 11/7NU Salsa Dancers for Feature on Mon. 11/711/7/2016Theatrical$84/8Non-Union10/17/2016
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 20 - 40 /
Looking for NU Salsa Dancers for a feature film for Mon. 11/7 for $84/8. It stars an A list cast and director. Please reply with your salsa dancing experience and skill level.
Handsome/Distinguished SAG Cauc. Male in 50'sHandsome SAG Cauc. Male in 50's11/3/2016Theatrical$162/8SAG-AFTRA10/17/2016
Background / Male / Caucasian / 50 - 60 /
Looking for a Handsome/Distinguished SAG Caucasian Male in his 50's for a feature film that shoots on Thurs. 11/3 for $162/8. Please submit with your SAG ID No.
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