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Role Project Name Shoot Date Type Rate Union Posted/ Modified
Hispanic Man around 5'8" with a 42R Coat and 36x30 Pant-SAG $162/8-for Thurs. 12/15 & Fri. 12/16 **NIGHT CALL** Major Crimes 12/15/2016Theatrical$162/8/0SAG-AFTRA12/14/2016
Background / Male / Hispanic / 25 - 60 /
We are looking for a Hispanic man that is around 5'8" with a 42 R coat and 36x30 pant. This will work on Thursday 12/15 and Friday 12/16. Friday is going to be a night call, working very late into the night. Rate is $162/8. Must be available both days. Please only submit if you are paid up SAG in good standing.
BOYS 9-14 5'2" and ShorterUNTITLED DISNEY FEATURE12/14/2016 THRU 2/3/2017 Theatrical162/0SAG-AFTRA12/13/2016
Background / Male / All Ethnicities / 9 - 14 /
Seeking Boys who are 9-14 years and under 5'2". Must be available entire shoot -- shoots M-F with some night shoots. Works in Santa Clarita. When submitting please include whether you are home schooled or currently on break.
Shorter Caucasian Boy to Play 16 (18 to look younger)-SAG $162/8-for Fri. 12/09Major Crimes 12/9/2016Theatrical$162/8/0Union/Non-Union12/8/2016
Background / Male / Caucasian / 18 - 24 /
We are looking for a short guy that can look age 16. This will interview on Friday and if chosen will work on Friday as well. Interview rate is $40.50/2. If selected rate is $162/8. Must be available all day tomorrow. If you are submitting as non union please do not submit if you are SAG eligible or a must pay with the union.
18 to look younger Caucasian Boy (to look age 16)-SAG $162/8-for Thurs. 12/08 & Fri. 12/09 (READ NOTES)Major Crimes 12/8/2016Theatrical$162/8/0Union/Non-Union12/7/2016
Background / Male / Caucasian / 18 - 25 /
We are looking for a Caucasian 18 to look younger male to play age 16. This will have an interview on Thursday 12/08 and if selected you will work on Friday 12/09. They will not be picking who to interview until Thursday morning so the interview will be a rush call. Rate for the interview $40.50/2. If selected rate is $162/8.
African American Men ages 18-30 (StuidousTypes)-SAG $162/8-for Mon. 12/12 & Tues. 12/13Major Crimes 12/12/2016Theatrical$162/8/0SAG-AFTRA12/7/2016
Background / Male / AfricanAm / 18 - 30 /
We are looking for African American men that are ages 18-30 and have a very studious look to them. Think a young President Obama type, very put together. There is a chance that they will be applying prosthetic makeup so you must be okay with that. This will have an interview on Monday 12/12 and work on Tuesday 12/13. Must be available both days. Interview rate is $40.50/2 and if selected the pay for the work day is $162/8. Must be paid up SAG in good standing to submit.
Rush Call for Eagle RockUnicorn Store12/7/2016Theatrical162/8/0SAG-AFTRA12/7/2016
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 27 - 60 /
We are looking for people to rush down to Eagle Rock. Call time is 12:00pm noon. You will be playing a hardware store customer. Must be available for the rest of the day. Thanks!
Hispanic Male age 25-35 around 6'1" & 185lbs. to fit sizes-SAG $162/8-for Tues. 12/06Major Crimes 12/6/2016Theatrical$162/8/0SAG-AFTRA12/5/2016
Background / Male / Hispanic / 25 - 35 /
We are looking for a Hispanic male that is age 25-35 that is around 6'1" and 185lbs. that fits the following sizes: Coat: 44R Waist: 36 Inseam: 32 Neck: 16.5 Sleeve: 35 This is to play a security guard in the downtown area with a 6:30am call time Please only submit if you are close to these sizes and available all day. Must be paid up SAG in good standing to submit.
Stand-in / Male / Caucasian / 18 - 20 /
VERY FEATURED ROLE - Red or Blond Boy with Braces 5'4-5'7UNTITLED DISNEY FEATURE12/5/2016 THRU 2/11/2017 Theatrical162/8SAG-AFTRA12/1/2016
Background / Male / Caucasian / 10 - 18 /
Looking for a red or blond headed boy 10-18 years old WITH BRACES who is 5'4"-5'7" tall.
6'0-6'2 African American Male - Forest Whitaker Stand In18712/8/2016 THRU 1/31/2017 Theatrical189/8SAG-AFTRA11/30/2016
Stand-in / Male / AfricanAm / 39 - 65 /
6'0-6'2 African American Male - Forest Whitaker Stand In Looking for someone avail starting Dec 8th and could work through Jan 31st
Person with Cocker Spaniel Dog- Non Union $84/8 + $23 for dog- for Thurs. 12/01Major Crimes 12/1/2016Theatrical$84/8/0Non-Union11/29/2016
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 80 /
We are looking for a non union person that has a cocker spaniel dog. Dog must be set friendly and okay around people. Rate is $84/8 + $23 for the dog. Please only submit if you have the dog and are available all day.
Very Featured 5'5" - 5'7" tall 10-17 year old boy with RED or Strawberry blond hairUNTITLED DISNEY FEATURE12/5/2016 THRU 2/11/2017 Theatrical162/8SAG-AFTRA11/28/2016
Background / Male / Caucasian / 10 - 17 /
Looking for a 5'5" - 5'7" tall 10-17 year old boy with RED or Strawberry blond hair - this is for a very featured bg role.
Minor Photo double 9 to 10 years, brunette girl with current permitBaskets11/29/2016Theatrical172.00/811/28/2016
Background / Female / Caucasian / 8 - 12 /
Julia Gruenberg, long brown hair, 4'7", 87lbs, 10/12 Works tomorrow in Van Nuys area Please post if you are able to do the job and fit the sizes
NON UNION Circus Audience Members works tomorrow NOV 29Baskets11/29/2016TheatricalNon-Union11/28/2016
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 70 /
Hello Everyone, We need NON UNION people to work as a circus audience tomorrow in Woodley Park. YOU COULD NOT HAVE WORKED ON BASKETS THIS SEASON.
Photo Double - FEMALE - 5'3- SIZE: 18/ Union - Caucasian 50+ (PLEASE READ NOTES!!!)Major Crimes 12/1/2016Theatrical$172/8/0Union/Non-Union11/27/2016
Photo double / Female / Caucasian / 50 - 80 /
Hi Ladies - we are looking for a woman to work as a photo double for our actress on Thursday 12/1. We need a women who is OKAY with the following: May need to wear a wig / or put temporary hair color in (to make it red hair). You are playing a dead body photo double - so you will have fake blood on your head, lying on the floor for extended periods and playing dead. Hair should be shorter. You MUST be OK with all of this AND fit the sizes: 5'3/ size 18/ shoe size 8.5. If you are available on Thursday 12/1 and fit this - please submit to us ASAP!! Thank you!
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