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Role Project Name Shoot Date Type Rate Union Posted/ Modified
Bradley Cooper Stand in doubleA Star is Born4/10/2017TheatricalSAG-AFTRA3/23/2017
Photo double / Male / Caucasian / 28 - 45 /
Looking for a Bradley Cooper stand in and double. 6'1" you know the look thanks
Lady GaGa photo double (5'3)A Star is Born4/10/2017TheatricalSAG-AFTRA3/23/2017
Photo double / Female / Caucasian / 21 - 40 /
Looking for Lady Gaga photo double, 5'3" and petite Should have Stand in experiences as well thanks
Caucasian women who can Play the Piano (works Simi Valley)Sharp3/27/2017TheatricalUnion/Non-Union3/23/2017
Special / Female / Caucasian / 30 - 66 /
Looking for a lady to work this Monday in Simi Valley that knows how to play the Piano. Please post your skill level. thanks Rich
Rush call Filipino womanLady Dynamite 3/23/2017Theatrical162/8/0SAG-AFTRA3/23/2017
Background / Female / Asian / 18 - 50 /
We are looking for a filipino woman to rush down to set today. Call time is 12:00pm in glendale. Thanks!
**RUSH CALL** African American Man to be in underwear with 34x32 pant and 11 shoe-for 1pm downtown-SAG $115/8Adam Ruins Everything Season 33/23/2017Theatrical$115/8/0SAG-AFTRA3/23/2017
Background / Male / AfricanAm / 25 - 55 /
We are looking for an African American man who has a 34x32 pant and a size 11 shoe. Must be those sizes! In the scene you will be wearing tear away pants and rip those off and dance around in your underwear. This would be for a 1pm call time near downtown. Rate is $115/8. Must be paid up SAG in good standing to submit. Please only submit if you are okay with the scene and able to be downtown by 1pm.
Dark SUV with tinted windowsLady Dynamite 4/4/2017TheatricalUnion/Non-Union3/23/2017
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 25 - 60 /
Looking to work April 4, looking for SUV with Tinted side window, or tinted windows. If you could please take a quick photo of your SUV and email it to : thanks
Super Fit, Attractive, Lifeguard TypesMovie Promo with Sports Network3/26/2017Commercial$250.00/8Non-Union3/23/2017
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 32 /
Talent with great bodies. Super fit, attractive, Baywatch lifeguard types. Will be on the beach, NOT in the water. Wardrobe will be beach-wear, athletic wear, one piece bathing suits for women, yoga shorts, etc. Please only submit if you have full availability on Sunday~March 26.
Filipino Kids Lady Dynamite 3/31/2017TheatricalSAG-AFTRA3/22/2017
Background / Male or Female / Asian / 6 - 12 /
We are looking for young filipino kids who are able to dance and are available to work on Friday the 31st. Please list your dance experience in the notes. Thanks!
Female Stand in for a Kid - Blondish brown and as small as we canSharp3/23/2017Theatrical189.00/8SAG-AFTRA3/22/2017
Stand-in / Female / Caucasian / 23 - 40 /
Looking for a Female stand in on the smaller side. will be standing in for a minor. Sandy brown hair thanks
Non Union to work in Simi Valley on Monday Mar 27Sharp3/27/2017TheatricalNon-Union3/22/2017
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 80 /
Hello Everyone, We are looking for NON UNION people to work in Simi Valley this coming Monday. We are also booking people with their cars on that day. If you would like to have your car for consideration, please tell us the make, model, year and color of your car in the note's section of your submission. Thank you.
Caucasian Boy 5 to 8 years - willing or has a crew cut (day player)Sharp3/23/2017TheatricalUnion/Non-Union3/22/2017
Special / Male / Caucasian / 5 - 8 /
Looking for a caucasian boy age 5 to 8 years, this is for a speaking part, this boy should have or willing to get a crew cut. Should have some experience and not shy. Thanks
SAG-AFTRA Woman - Size 4 (close to 9 shoe) for EARLY CALL on Wednesday morning 3/22 Adam Ruins Everything Season 33/22/2017Theatrical$115/8/03/21/2017
Background / Female / All Ethnicities / 28 - 40 /
Hi Ladies... we are looking for a PAID UP UNION MEMBER in good standing to work on Wednesday 3/22 as a NURSE for a 6:30 AM call time in the HIGHLAND PARK area. This is AFTRA (BG Rate is $115/8) and you must be able to make a 6:30 AM call time! If you are a size 4 dress and close to a 9 Shoe - between the ages of 28-40, please submit to us ASAP! If you fit - we will call you shortly! Thank you!
18 to play younger Friends and Partiers BETTER THINGS4/14/2017TheatricalUnion/Non-Union3/21/2017
Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 17 - 23 /
18 to look younger than, Union or Non Union. You are to be friends of the Actresses - looking for unique, fun, racially mixed, some androgynous looks, different hair styles. Will work a few different days. Thanks Rich
Filipina DJ with her own EquipmentLady Dynamite 3/29/2017TheatricalSAG-AFTRA3/21/2017
Background / Female / Asian / 18 - 50 /
We are looking for a filipino woman with her own DJ equipment to work on Wednesday March 29th. Higher rate for the equipment. Please list in your notes what you have. Thanks!
Male - Shirtles Photo Double - 5'9" Dark Hair - with Chest Hair - To work in Calabasas on 4/5BEAUTIFUL BOY4/5/2017Theatrical172/8 union/0SAG-AFTRA3/21/2017
Photo double / Male / Caucasian / 25 - 35 /
Hi Guys. We are looking for shirtless photo double for one of our actors to work in Calabasas on Wednesday April 5th. The actor that you would be doubling has dark hair and has chest hair. He is fit, but not overly muscular. Please only submit if you are available to work in Calabasas and are comfortable working with your shirt off. Thanks
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